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Fly Agaric - Norway Edition



Somewhere in Norway, off the main tourist routes, I was driving along a small country road, enjoying the beautiful landscape, when all of a sudden „she who must be obeyed“ gave the command: „STOP! STOP THE CAR! STOP IT NOW!“


Well, there isn’t really any space to start an argument when SWMBO has something in her mind but in the mood of suicidal braveness (or was it confusion?) I tried:


„I want you to stop right here, right now!“

„But honey, we are in the middle of nowhere on a tiny little road, why the hell would you want me to stop here?“

„I’ve seen mushrooms!“


„I’ve seen mushrooms and I want you to stop the car!“

„But darling, I can’t stop the car, there is simply no room to leave it.“

„I don’t care, stop the damn camper, I will walk back!!!“


As you can imagine, we already drove a fair bit and so I turned around on a road that was narrower than the length of the camper, drove back and turned again when I found a tiny lay by to stop.


What am I supposed to say? Well, what you see here in this picture is what she has seen - and damn, I love that girl! :)



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